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This blog is deprecated since July 2020.The articles below are no longer maintained and might contain outdated information. 
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Hello and welcome to our blog! What can we do for you? Are you looking for further technical information or step-by-step instructions to our products? Or would you like to read the latest news on mscrm-addons? Please feel free to browse our blog for detailed information and to share our posts!

How to add a language to DocumentsCorePack ServerBased dialog

This blog describes how to add a language to DocumentsCorePack ServerBased Dialog. Per default, English and German is provided.

Requirement: DocumentsCorePack ServerBased Dialog

How to extend the Click2Dial-functionality for TelephoneIntegration?

This article explains how to enable the Click2Dial-functionality of TelephoneIntegration (TI) for CRM 2013/2015 without using the CallNumber button in the ribbon. 

How to configure entities to show the [CreateDocument]-Button

This blog article outlines how to configure CRM entities to show the DCP ServerBased [CreateDocument]-Button.

Requirement: DocumentsCorePack ServerBased CRM 2013/2015

SharePoint ErrorMessage: No part of the path in DCP SB Online

This blog article explains what to do when you receive the following error message while saving documents to SharePoint.

DocumentsCorePack failed to generate the document

ERROR:|CHECKLICENSE|SUCCEEDED|new AutoMerge|StartMerge|ErrorMessage:No part of the path

Skype plugin is not showing call info

This blog article explains what to do if your desktop TelephoneIntegration (TI) Client is not working.

Recap: Convergence 2015 in Atlanta

We are back from our business journey of this year’s Convergence 2015 (March 16-19) in Atlanta GA.

THANK YOU for visiting our booth!

How to create SharePoint locations, folders and subfolders automatically in DCP SB (OnPremise)?

This blog article outlines how to create SharePoint locations, folders and subfolders automatically within MS Dynamics CRM with DocumentsCorePack ServerBasedusing a simple workflow.

Add-On: DocumentsCorePack ServerBased (OnPremise)

For the MS Dyn CRM Online version of this article, please click here.   

How to create label templates with DCP (DocX)?

This article explains how to create label templates with DocumentsCorePack (DCP) DocX.

Requirements: DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM 2013 (Client 6.33) and higher

Service Based Printing: General Trouble Shooting

Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can check if the Service Based Printing does not work as expected:

  1. Make sure the service is running and configured for both document generation and printing jobs.

How to add the [Call Number]-flyout button?

This article outlines how to add the TelephoneIntegration [Call Number]-button manually.

Requirements: TelephoneIntegration for MS CRM 2013/2015