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How to create a DocumentsCorePack template for DocuSign

To create a DocumentsCorePack template for DocuSign, open the–tab in Microsoft Word and follow the instructions below: 

How to send DocuSign-documents on behalf of different users

DocuSign provides a setting that is called Send On Behalf Of Right. This setting allows all users (and not only the Master-DocuSign user) to send DocuSign documents on behalf of themselves.

Please note: If more users than the Master-DocuSign user should be allowed to send documents, you have to set the Send on Behalf Of-Rights once.   

DocuSign for DocumentsCorePack

How does DocuSign work?

DocuSign is another tool that simplifies the world of e-signatures. It empowers you to electronically sign documents.

We are happy to announce that we offer the possibility to use DocuSign within DocumentsCorePack. Benefit from this combination and take the usability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a whole new level.

How to merge a document and send it to DocuSign

Please note: The following article is seperated into two parts:

The first part shows how to merge a document and send it to DocuSign. The second part shows how you or your customers can sign a document right within DocuSign.

HowTo: Use DocuSign with DocumentsCorePack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

See how DocumentsCorePack enables your users to generate documents and trigger a DocuSign process straight out of CRM.

Example: NDA to be sent & signed to an account and afterwards counter-signed by the owner of the account.