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How to delete metadata in DocumentsCorePack
This article outlines how to delete metadata in DocumentsCorePack.

AttachmentExtractor SharePoint attributes
SharePoint attributes deliver additional information on the file origin based on CRM metadata. This article outlines the purpose of the different attributes.

Sharepoint Metadata (Dynamics 365)
The latest version of DocumentsCorePack Server Based supports the population of
metadata into SharePoint. Prerequisites for this feature to work are Client Version 7.31,
Server Version 2015. Proper configuration of Dynamics 365 and DocumentsCorePack
for the Dynamics 365 Integrate Sharepoint is needed as well.
How to change the save location of the metadata.bin file

Per default, CRM metadata information for DocumenstCorePack is stored here:


The above location equals to C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\DCP\metadata.
If you want to change this location, you have to generate a new SettingsKey.


Error message 401: Unauthorized when trying to access after deploying a custom web-application

The problem occurs because MS CRM is using an HttpModule for multitenancy scenarios. This http module is called with an anonymous user account. This is why it fails when trying to request, i.e. the metadata webservice.