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Features and settings in TOPDOWN view for GroupCalendar

This article outlines the features of TOPDOWN view, which are available for GroupCalendar (GC) version 5.55 and higher (click here to download the latest GC version).
En detail, this article explains, how you:

  1. Change the user and time, by drag and drop

  2. Create and save an appointment directly in CRM, by double-click into the selected time-slot

  3. Delete activities directly

  4. See all details of activities (multiple row able)

  5. Create an activity by just clicking right into your selected time-slot

  6. Right-click into your activities to open, delete or copy them

  7. Change  between the views show 24 hours and show business hours. Business hours-view is preset from 08:00-17:00 and also configurable.

  8. Determine how many minutes a time-slot should have (in general 30 min.

1. In TOPDOWN view, you are able to change your activities by drag and drop. This means, that you just have to select your activity, and then you are able to drag and drop it down to another time and user. You may as well change the user of your activities by drag and drop.

2. As you can see in Figure 1, you just have to doubleclick into the time-slot for which you want to create and save an appointment in CRM. This gives you the chance to create an appointment with a single double-click.    

Figure 1: Create and save an appointment with GroupCalendar


3. With a click on the [Delete]-button, you can delete your activity.

Figure 2: Delete activity in GroupCalendar

You will be asked again, if you're sure to delete your activity. When you click on the [OK]-button, your activity will be deleted.

Figure 3: Do you really want to delete?

TOPDOWN view, enables the multiple-row view of your activities. Read more about the settings here.

Figure 4: Mutliple-rows in TOPDOWN view.

5. T
o create an activity, you just have to right-click into the time-slot in which you would like to create your activity.

Figure 5: Create an activity in GroupCalendar

You can also define the time of your activity. Simply click into the time-slot, where you would like to start your activity and drag (depending on the length of the activity) it down, then click right. Now you are able to create a new activity.

Figure 6: Select new activity

6. If you like to open, copy or delete your activity, you only have to right-click into your activity. Afterwards, you can select between copy, open or delete.

Figure 7: Open, copy or delete an activity in GroupCalendar

In TOPDOWN view, you are also able to configure the hours-view. You can select between show 24 hours and show business hours. When you select show 24 hours, then you will see the whole day from 00:00 to 24:00 o’clock. When you select show business hours in general, you will be provided with a business day from 08:00 to 17:00 o’clock. If you would like to change the hours of your show business day setting, click here for more information.

Setting-NAME for business day- START: “TopDownDefaultWorkingHourStart”
KeyValue: 6

Setting-NAME for business day-END: ”TopDownDefaultWorkingHourEnd”
KeyValue: 18

Figure 8: Example for business day - START at 6 a.m.

8. You can also determine how many minutes a time-slot should have.
In general, every time-slot is preset on 30 minutes.
If you would like to chance this, you have to create a new setting.

Figure 9: Example for time-slot preset with 15 minutes


Setting-NAME for time-slot presetting change: “hourSections”

Possible Values:
FifteenMinutes, FiveMinutes, FourHours, FourMinutes, OneMinute, SixMinutes, SixtyMinutes, TenMinutes, ThirtyMinutes, ThreeHours, ThreeMinutes, TwelveMinutes, TwentyMinutes, TwoHours, TwoMinutes 

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