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GroupCalendar fully supports Dynamics CRM RU12 (Polaris) and cross-browser compatibility

Our GroupCalendar for MS Dynamics CRM 2011 fully supports CRM RU12 (Polaris).
Up to now, the only workaround was to open the GroupCalendar in a new Internet Explorer-window.
Up from v5.45, GroupCalendar opens again directly within CRM. Furthermore, Chrome and Firefox are also fully supported by the GroupCalendar. This release also supports older CRM Rollups!

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

To benefit from the full support of CRM RU12 and cross-browser compatibility, on-premise customers just have to install the latest GroupCalendar version.
For CRM online-customers the GroupCalendar will be updated automatically, but they have to manually import a solution to their CRM system to view the GroupCalendar embedded in CRM.
Please continue reading for detailed instructions.


GroupCalendar for MS Dynamics CRM On-Premise

If you installed the GroupCalendar in an on-premise environment, you just have to update the GroupCalendar to at least v5.45. This update ensures that the GroupCalendar will load embedded within CRM and that it supports cross-browser compatibility.

You can download the latest version of GroupCalendar here.


GroupCalendar for MS Dynamics CRM Online

If you use the GroupCalendar for CRM Online, we will update your GroupCalendar installation automatically.

In the previous versions, the GroupCalendar was opened in a new Internet Explorer window due to a workaround.

With the latest version of GroupCalendar, you are able to use the GroupCalendar embedded in CRM again.

For being able to use and see the GroupCalendar embedded in CRM, you have to import and apply a solution to your CRM system.

Please note: If you don't update the solution, the updated GroupCalendar version will work but will continue to open the GroupCalendar in a new window!


How to import the solution to your CRM system

To import the solution to your CRM system, you need to download the following file:

After you have downloaded the file, please open your CRM system, go to Settings, click on Solutions and on Import.

Figure 1: CRM Settings > Solutions

This will bring up a dialog. Please select the downloaded file and click on the [Next]-button.

Figure 2: Solution Import Dialog

Click on the [Next]-button in the following dialog in order to proceed.

Figure 3: Solution Information

Afterwards, please select Overwrite Customizations and Activate any processes.

Figure 4: Import Options

It could take some minutes until the solution is imported. After the import has finished, you will be noticed and you can close the window then.

Figure 5: Solution Import finished

After refreshing your CRM browser window, GroupCalendar will load embedded within your CRM system.

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