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How licenses are counted

This blog article outlines how licenses are counted in our system. The counting mechanism varies depending on the type of license being used. We differentiate here between two types of licenses – the Normal licenses and the TeamMember licenses. Below  are the two different license types and a description of how the count works for each. You will also find a description on where to find information about your counted licenses. 

Normal licenses 
For the required licenses, all users that are activated and have as Access Mode “Read-Write” in Dynamics 365, are counted.  Users with “Administrative” as Access Mode are not counted.

There is the possibility to count only users with a security role for licensing. Important: We are counting user licensing assigned to the user directly or via team membership. To activate this feature the only thing you need to do is to create a new settingsKey for AutoMerge called “CountUsersWithSecurityRolesOnly” with value “true” as you can see in the figure below. More information about how to create  settingsKeys can be found here.


Additionally, there are users who have app access security roles as you can see highlighted in the figure below. App access security roles are predefined roles by Microsoft and are automatically assigned to users.  These security roles will not be counted by DCP until you modify them.


TeamMember licenses
 If you have TeamMember licenses, please notice that these are counted different. TeamMember are assigned to specific license groups in Azure Active Directory and only two types are counted – the “DYN365_ENTERPRISE_TEAM_MEMBERS" and the "DYN365_TEAM_MEMBERS".

Find more information on how to activate TeamMember licenses here.


Where to find information about counted licenses?
Sometimes it may be unclear how we count the amount of relevant Dynamics 365 users for licensing.  In order to show which Dynamics 365 users are counted, we have included the "User Count Info" overview.  It can be accessed via the Web License Manager (Dynamics 365 > Settings > MSCRM-ADDONS area > DocumnetsCorePack (or any other addon). 

In the configuration window, please navigate to the  Licensing server-tab. Here you can see the number of site licenses - in this case  22 users. For detailed information please hit the  [User Count info]-button at the bottom (required “ General” solution version 2017.53 or 2018.53)


​For DocumentsCorePack Online services you can access via the Service Configuration as well. Click on the [View & Install license]-button and navigate to Users as you can see in the figure below. No matter which way you choose this will open the User count info overview. 


In the so openend window, you can see four sections: 

  • Summary: Displays basic information as you can see in the figure above
  • Full licenses Users: Provides you with a list of all users which require a full license
  • Licensing Relevant Roles: If a user has assigned such a security role, he is counted for licensing
  • Licensing Unrelevant Roles: These are automatically assigned app access roles. If a user has these roles assigned only, he is not counted for licensing


Open the Full licenses Users by hitting the plus symbol on the left side. Here you can use the search box to look for specific users by their “User Name”. Hit on “Click to see the Roles”  on the right side in order to see the relevant roles assigned to that user. “(User)” means the role is directly assigned, “(Team)” means the role is assigned to a team that user is a member of.


Via the Web License Manager,  you also have the possibility to download the whole overview by hitting the [Download]-button at the bottom (e.g. to send it to our support). 


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