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How to zoom and define date ranges in GANTT views?

The article explains the following two features which are available in the GroupCalendar’s GANTT views only:

Please note: Version 5.46 or higher is required. (Click here to download the latest GC version). 

Set date range 
This functionality enables users to adapt the date range to be shown in the GANTT views to their individual needs. This is very helpful if a user wants to display scheduled activities/resources within a specific date range only (e.g. activities/resources scheduled between March 6 2013 and April 16 2013).

Figure 1: GANTT month view beginning with March 6, 2013 as defined by the user

Figure 2: GANTT month view ending with April 16, 2013 as defined by the user

To define a specific date range as in the above figures, you just have to click on the [Date Range]-button below the small calendar in the menu on the right (1). After that, two small calendars will open which allow you to set the date range to be displayed. Now select the start-date to be shown from the small calendar on the left side (arrow A) and the end-date from the small calendar on the right side (arrow B). In our example, we have selected March 6 to April 16. Click on the [OK]-button in order to proceed (2).

Figure 3: Define a date range

Activities/resources are now solely displayed between March 6 and April 16. 

Zoom functionality
This functionality enables users to zoom in and out the GroupCalendar's GANTT views. This is very helpful, if a user would like to display activities/resources more detailed/more specific (1) or in a broader overview/less specific (2).

Figure 4: Zooming in in the GANTT view for a more specific overview of activities/resources

Figure 5: Zooming out in GANTT view for a broader overview of activities/resources

If you would like to zoom in or out a GANTT view, you just have to click on the [Minus]-button (for zooming out, 1) or on the [Plus]-button (for zooming in, 2), which can be found below the small calendar in the menu on the right.

Figure 6: Buttons to zoom in or out a GANTT view



Within the following example, we schedule the planning phase of a construction project with the duration of March 6 2013 to Mai 5 2013. To do so, we click on the [New Activity]-button in the menu on the right (1) and select Appointment from the drop down menu (2).

Figure 7: Schedule an appointment from within GroupCalendar

After that, a standard CRM activity-form will open. Within this form, we specify the subject, the people and resources which are required for this appointment and the duration (March 6 2013 to Mai 5 2013). If you like, you can add further information, such as the location, the color in which the appointment should be displayed etc.

Figure 8: Specify appointment-related data

After clicking on the [Save and Close]-button, the activity-form will close and you will be navigated back to GroupCalendar. Refresh GroupCalendar (1) to see the scheduled appointment (2).

Figure 9: Refresh the GroupCalendar to see the newly scheduled appointment

As you can see in figure 9, the overview of this newly scheduled appointment in the per default GANTT month view is not ideal. At this point, the two new features can add a huge value to our GroupCalendar, as they enable a better overview (especially for long-duration-appointments). If you would like to adapt the view to get a better overview, you have the possibility to set a specific date range to be displayed and afterwards to zoom in or out the view. In the screenshot below for example, we set a date range from March 6 to April 10, 2013. By zooming out, the overview gets even better as all appointments/resources scheduled within this span of time can be seen at a glance.

Figure 10: Compact overview of scheduled activities/resources; zoomed out within specified date range

Please note: In case you have defined a zoom level and/or a date range, this level/date range will not be maintained when changing the users/resources/date/time range/activities to be shown, changing the view-options (show only attendees, show only open activities, etc.) or when switching between several GANTT views (e.g. between the GANTT week-view and the GANTT month-view). Additionally, the zoom level will not be maintained when refreshing views via the [Refresh]-button.

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