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Resource not found Web API Error for Dynamics 365

This blog article outlines how to proceed if you get the following error message in your web browser: "Resource not found for the segment ‘ptm_......’.

A full error message can look like this: 
Error from FetchWebApi: Ressource not found for the segment ‘ptm_mscrmaddons_keies’

We have only experienced this problem for OnPremisse installation so far. 

The problem is, that the EntitySet property of our custom entities is not correct. Normally a manual reimport of the correct CRM solution with the option "Overwrite Customizations" can fix this. 

How to fix for OnPremise installations

  • Navigate to the machine on which the Server part of the add-on is installed. 
  • Open the installation directory  (per default: "C:\Program Files (x86)\PTM EDV-Systeme GmbH\[PRODUCT NAME] Server for Microsoft Dynamics 365") -> subfolder "essentials"
  • If your CRM version is 9.0 or higher open the subfolder "9.0",  for 8.2 versions stay in the "essentials" folder 
  • Open a web browser: Dynamics 365 -> Settings -> Solution -> hit "Import"
  • Now select the correct solution from your current directory (depending on the error message):
    • for
      • “ptm_mscrmaddons_keies”
      • “ptm_mscrmaddons_schedulers”
      • “ptm_mscrmaddons_settingses”
      • “ptm_mscrmaddonscom_debugs”
      • “ptm_mscrmaddonscommetadatas”
      • “ptm_mscrmaddonstemps”
    • for 
      • “ptm_mscrmaddons_dcptemplateses”
    • for 
      • “ptm_automergeworkingitemses”
      • “ptm_mscrmaddonscomamtriggers”
    • For different resources please contact our support
  • The wizard will tell you that the same version of this solution is already installed. If the versions are different it could be possible that you have selected the wrong solution file! 

  • The problem should be solved now. 

Error message: Resource not found for the segment ‘ptm_mscrmaddons_keies’
CRM version: 8.2
Installed product: DocumentsCorePack 

To Solve: 
Reimport the solution "" of the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\PTM EDV-Systeme GmbH\DocumentsCorePack Server for Microsoft Dynamics 365\essential". 

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