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How to show working hours and time-off in GroupCalendar

Since CRM 2011, it is possible to specify working hours and time-off (e.g. vacation) for each user and resource.  With GroupCalendar v5.37 or higher, it is now possible to show these working hours and the time-off.


Figure 1: Working hours and time-off in TopDown View

Figure 2: Working hours and time-off for users and resources in Gantt View

Per default, this feature is not enabled because it has a slight performance impact on loading the views. Anyway, to enable this functionality, please follow the steps below.


1. Open your CRM in the Internet Explorer

2. Navigate to Settings within the CRM sitemap 

3. Click on Products in the CRM sitemap, mark the checkbox in front of GroupCalendar and click on the [Edit]-button in the CRM menu at the top.


Figure 3: Settings-sitemap in CRM, overview of installed products

4. The following window opens. Click on Settingskeys in the menu on the left. 

Figure 4: “ Settingskeys”-area of the GroupCalendar

5. Now you must generate a new key. To do so, click on the [Add New Settingskeys]-button in the CRM menu.


Figure 5: [Add Settingskeys]-button in CRM menu 

In the following window, you must define a name for the key in the Name-field, set the IsCached-field on yes and define a value in the KeyValue-field. Type in the following values:
Name: EnableWorkingHours
IsCached: Yes
KeyValue: true


Figure 6: Window to configure new

After you have typed in the values, click on the [Save and Close]-button in the CRM menu at the top. To apply the changes, you have to run an IISRESET on the CRM server. Optionally, you can restart the GroupCalenderServer Application Pool within IIS on the CRM server.

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