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Template Versioning (Dynamics 365)

Template Versioning  saves a backup of each template instead of simply overwriting it.
This feature requires at least version 9.25 of the client and version 2017.184 of the server or service. This functionality is disable by default. If you want to enable the versioning functionality you have to create a new settings key for DocumentsCorePack manually, like described here, with the following name and value:
Name: EnableTemplateVersioning
Value: true

If the setting as described above is enable you will see an additional button (1) int the menu bar. When you select a template and use this button 

    Figure 1: Recover button

After using the "Recover Template" button a new window will appear with all available versions. The "Created On" column should be used identify the version that you want to recover. The versions are sorted from top to bottom from new to old. 

    Figure 2: Recover Dialog

Tipp: Use the standard properties for keywords, subject, etc. to store additional information about the performed changes in your templates. 

Within this dialog you can select a preview version (1) and recover this version by using the "Recover" button. 

    Figure 3: Select und Recover

After you have chosen to recover a specific file the said file will be opened in Word. 
The opened file will have the current document name and a current time stamp as name. Nothing was change

    Figure 4: Recovered template

From this point on it is up to you how to proceed with this  recovered file. Nothing has changed yet in the live template. If you want to go ahead and make the recovered template your new live template you have to overwrite the existing template with this recovered template. 

- Template versions are not  imported or exported with the DocumentsCorePack import/export functionality. Only the latest live version will be exported. 
- The limit of versions is set to 25 by default. To decrease or increase this limit you can set a settingskey manually with the name "TemplateVersioninglimit", and the amount of records as value. When setting its value to "0" the limit is disabled and unlimited copies will be stored (not recommended!).

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