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How to synchronize TelephoneIntegration history with actual phonecalls


This article explains the steps required to synchronize the actual call duration as recorded in the TelephoneIntegration history with actual phone calls in CRM.

Addon: TelephoneIntegration for MS CRM 2013, 2015


This will only work for phonecalls, that are created with the always store-option enabled in the CTI clients options.


1) Start with creating a new workflow (CRM > Settings > Processes) and attach it to the entity CTI Call History.
    In case you have not created a workflow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM yet, get some advice how to do this

Figure 1: Create workflow

2) On the next page make sure the start when-option is set to Record is Created

Figure 2: Set start when-option

3) Add a Check Condition-step that will check if the history record has the phone call activity GUID info. Edit it like shown in Figure 3. 

Figure 3: Edit Check Condition-step

4) Add a Wait Condition that will start 5 mintes after the record is created. The record is created at the end of the call. Users can adujst the time (5 minutes) to their needs. It should be edited as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Edit Wait Condition-step

5) Add an Update Record-step as substep to your Wait Condition. It will update the lastsync field. Edit it as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Edit Update Record-step

The generated workflow steps should now look like this:

Figure 6: Generated workflow steps

Save the workflow and activate it.

6) Start your CRM Plugin Registration Tool, connect to your CRM organization(s) and under Registered Plugins check for PTM.Plugins. Expand it.
Right click on PTM.Plugins.SyncNumberPlugin. Then select Register New Step as outlined in Figure 7.    

Figure 7: Register new step

7) When the CTI marks the call as finished, the information is stored in the history table.
The first step checks if the linkedactivityid contains a phone call guid. If yes, it waits for 5 minutes. Within the 5 minutes, the user has to finish the modification of the open phone call by saving it (but not completing it). 5 minutes after the call has been finished, the lastsyncdate will be updated.
This behaviour triggers the SyncNumberPlugin. If the phone call was not read only, then the duration field will be updated.

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