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How to configure an Onpremise Service with CRM Online

This article outlines how to create a SettingsKey manually.
It is specifically designed to use Dynamics 365 online and to run the Service for DCP-Serverbased onpremise.
To configure a service properly for such a scenario you have to create an additional settings key.

To get knowledge how to create a SettingsKey manually in general, please click here.

Please open your Dynamics 365 in your Browser. 

Navigate to Settings -> MSCRM-ADDONS -> Products.
Open the Link to DocumentsCorePack and AutoMerge and display all records associated with this view (Button on the right side, next to the "+")

Please also deactivate the LBConfig Setting, if you are not using LoadBalancing. 

After clicking the button, you can see a list of all settingskeys.
By clicking the [ADD NEW Settingkeys]-button you can create a new settingskey. 

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