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Getting Started–Post AppSource Installation Steps on PowerSearch

Thank you for deploying our MSCRM-ADDON PowerSearch to your environment!

Still, there are a few brief steps that must be performed in order to finalize the setup.

1) Assign the PowerSearch security roles
    Please add the following role to your users:
    > PowerSearch

2) Embed PowerSearch into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment
     > Open a random dashboard where you want to install PowerSearch into and click on the [Edit]-button

Figure 1: Edit Dashboard

      > Next, add the ptm_PowerSearch/MainPage.html webresource to the forms
         and save and publish your customization

      > Now configure your PowerSearch with a click on the [Open Config]-button
         in the General Settings-tab of the Getting Started Page.

Figure Figure 2: Open the Config

For further details, please watch our brief video on how to Get Started with PowerSearch!

Figure 3: Video on how to get started with PowerSearch

That’s it!
Thank you very much for your time! We hope you enjoy PowerSearch!

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