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How to add CRM Menu Navigation Links manually

To successfully integrate our products with custom entity-forms, the navigation configuration has to be applied manually.

This article describes, how MS Dynamics CRM Menu Navigation Links can be added manually to DocumentsCorePack and ActivityTools.


  • Adding the link will NOT install the product! Insert links only for products that have already been installed or that you are installing at the moment.
  • When you decide to uninstall the product, these links have to be removed manually as well. They do not affect Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a bad way, but users will be redirected to dead links, if you forget to delete them.

How to add a navigation link

To do so, open a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record in which you want to add the navigation link. In our example, we use the record Contact

Then, click on FORM.

Figure 1: Open record in MS Dynamics CRM

The command bar shown in Figure 2 will open. Click on Navigation and then on INSERT

Figure 2: Click on navigation and insert

Thereafter, the ribbon will change and will show the [Navigation Link]-button. Click on it...

Figure 3: click on the [Navigation Link]-button

... in order to open the Navigation link Properties. Here, you can define the properties of the new menu-entry.

Name: Defines the display name of the entry

Icon: Defines the icon of the entry (not required)

Web Resource: Defines the web resource which should be loaded when you click on the link. Every web page has as specific web resource.

  • DocumentsCorePack FileExplorer: “ptm_WebApplicationPreloaderDCPFX”
  • ActivityTools: “ptm_ActivityTools/MainPage.html”


Hit “OK” in order to proceed.

Figure 4: Navigation Link Properties


Then click on the [Save]-button and afterwards on the [Publish]-button.

Figure 5: Save and Publish button


After reloading the CRM record, the new menu-entry should be visible:

Figure 6: New menu entry

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