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How to complete the ActivityTools' update from AppSource

This article outlines how the update process for the new ActivityTools AppSource version (2016.2) must be finished.

!! This post is only relevant for you, if the below error message appears above your ActivityTools version.


Figure 1: Error message

This will only happen if you have updated from the first AppSource version to the current one (2016.2).


In case of a different error message, or any other questions, please contact our support:





Download the new version via this link:


After the download, you will see the ActivityToolsPluginCore solution in your downloads-folder:

Figure 2:

Back in CRM, click on the [Import]-button in order to update the solution. As soon as you have selected the download solution .zip file, the following window will pop up:

Figure 3: Solution Information​


Click on the [Next]-button in order to proceed. In the now following dialog, please make sure that Stage for upgrade is NOT checked. Instead, check the Overwrite customizations-option and click on the [Import]-button.

Figure 4: Import Options - overwrite customizations


After the import has been finished, go to CRM > Settings > ActivityTools. The Config page, will provide you with the new version number: version 2016.2.1. 


Figure 5: Activity Tools - version 2016.2.1


Now, ActivityTools will work again.


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