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How to create a new activity properly in GroupCalendar

Activities in GroupCalendar can be created quickly or with all details attached from the very start. This step-by-step tutorial outlines how to create activities properly.

Step 1: Open GroupCalendar and select a date. Once selected, it is highlighted in blue.

Step 2: To create a new activity properly, decide which activity you would like to create and click on the [New Activity]-button in the SideBar. (For further information on the SideBar, please have a look at the GroupCalendar User Guide.)

In the so opened drop down menu, select your preferred activity. In this tutorial, we create a new appointment, so we click on Appointment.

Figure 1: Create new activity (here: appointment)

Step 3: Please insert the appointment details in the so opened window.

Please note: All fields marked with * are mandatory, all the other fields are optional. Because the single activities do have different requirements, also the fields vary. Please understand, that due to space restrictions we will only explain the fields of one activity here (Appointment). However, should you have any questions, you can contact our support anytime via email at

Step 4: Please enter the appointment details in the New-Appointment section. It contains some mandatory and some optional fields, which are explained below.

Figure 2: Create a new appointment – Appointment section

Subject (Mandatory)
Enter your subject here (a title that summarizes the appointments’ content).

Required & Optional (Optional)
Enter the required/optional teams, groups, resources and users here. The fields are Lookup-fields and thus, connected with your CRM data. 

Location (Optional)
Insert your location here. 

Should you have activated the color code functionality, you can select a color here. For further information on how to configure the color code functionality, please have a look at our GroupCalendar Install Guide

Scheduling information (Mandatory and optional)
In this section, you can set the start- and ending-time of your appointment. These two fields are mandatory. You can as well set a duration time by selecting one of the entries in the drop-down menu or by checking the box next to All day event.

Once set, please do not forget to save your settings.

Step 5: Now please scroll down to get to the next section of the New Appointment - window.

Figure 3: Create a new appointment – Notes section

Notes (optional)
In this section, you can add notes, like a reminder (about some documents you need for the appointment or some information regarding person to meet)

Attachments (optional)
You may add some attachments here. Use the Look-up-field to search for attachments saved on your computer or any other device, as for example quotes or documents.

Please note: Before you add an attachment, you have to save the activity – record (here: appointment). The files you attach here will be saved in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). The files do have a maximum size that depends on your Dynamics 365 configuration settings.

Once set, please do not forget to save your settings.

Step 6: Please scroll down again to get to the last section of the New Appointment - window. Once finished, do not forget to save your settings!

Figure 4: Create a new appointment – Details section

Details (Mandatory and optional)
In this section, you can refine the details of your appointment. The Owner of the appointment is the only mandatory field that exists in this section, because it connects the appointment to a certain user. Furthermore, you can enter a topic in the Regarding-field, select a Category, a Sub-Category and an Organizer for the appointment. These fields are all optional. 

Conflicts Tab (Informatory)
The Conflicts-tab provides you with information regarding your schedule. Should there be any conflicting activity, it will be displayed here.

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