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How to merge a document with Adobe Sign by e-mail

This blog article outlines how to merge a document with Adobe Sign by e-mail. In this example, we use a template which contains two signees. The document will be sent via e-mail to the two signees be signed.

The result can look like in the figure below:


Therefore follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Create document via DCP Dialog
First, open your Dynamics 365 and search the entity you want to create a document for – in this example Work Order. Next, please hit the [CREATE DOCUMENT]-button which opens the DocumentsCorePack Dialog as you can see below. 

Step 2: Define how your document should be executed
In this example, we want the document to be attached, so please check the Attach document checkbox and select as Adobe Sign email from the drop-down menu (see figure below). Select your recipients and their e-mail addresses from the drop-down menus – in this case two, because we have two signees.

Please note: The first recipient will get the document first and after signing it, the document will be sent to the second recipient. Click on the [Next]-button to continue. 

Step 3: Check your document before you forward it to Adobe Sign
Therefore, please click on the attachment, highlighted in yellow. 

This opens a preview of your document. As you can see, there are two different Adobe Sign text tags: one for the initials and one at the bottom of your document for the signatures of the two signees (highlighted in yellow).

If your document is fine, please click
[Finish] to attach the document as Adobe Sign mail. 

Step 4: Review and sign document
Now the first recipient you have selected receives an e-mail with the Adobe Sign document as you can see below. 


With a click on the blue text “Click here to review and sign”, the document opens in a browser where the first recipient must enter his initials and sign the document. As you can see in the figure below, the fields, that must be completed by the first recipient, are highlighted in yellow and marked with Start. 


A click on the [Click to Sign]-button at the bottom will finish the process and will send the document to the second recipient (selected before) to be signed. Also, a copy can be downloaded here. 


Step 5: Signed document ready for download 
After the second recipient signs the document, all parties of the agreement will automatically receive a copy of the signed document (see figure below).


Hit the blue text “the document” to open the signed document. 

In the so opened window in your browser, you can see all details, the steps of the process and the document, which now contains both signatures. Click on PDF to download your signed document. 


Congratulations! You have your first document signed with Adobe Sign. 

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