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How to remove dependencies when you delete a solution manually in CRM

When you try to delete a solution, it will show you an error message if there are any dependencies.

To solve this issue, please follow the steps below.

Copy the GUID from the error log which is retrieved from the error message.

The line in the logfile will look like this:


You will need its GUID value for the next step.


In case that the logfile does not contain this line, open the CRM solution in the web browser in order to access its URL. It will look similar to this:


The GUID is the value after the equal sign ("%7b" and "%7d" are encoded brackets)


Now navigate to the following URL:

https://YOUR CRM URL/tools/dependency/dependencyviewdialog.aspx?objectid=GUID&objecttype=7100&operationtype=dependenciesforuninstall


Replace the "YOUR CRM URL" with your own CRM system's URL and replace the GUID with the GUID retrieved from the above steps.


You will be provided with a list of dependencies, which you can manually remove from your system now.

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