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How to share PowerSearch Config records

Once you have created some nice PowerSearch Config records, you may want other users or teams to work with them.

To enable others to work with your Config, it is crucial to share your records. Before you haven’t shared them, the Config records will not be visible for others.

Step 1: Open a random PowerSearch Config

To do so, navigate to CRM Settings > mscrm-addons > PowerSearch. In the window that opens now, switch to the Configuration-tab and click on the [Open Search Configuration]-button.

Figure 1:PowerSearch Configuration tab

Now you get an overview to all your Config records. Select the entry you would like to share here.

Next, click on the [Share]-button. The button can be found in the Command bar.


Figure 2: PowerSearch Config [Share]-button

Step 2: Select a certain user or team

The next window enables you to select the users or teams you want to share the PowerSearch Config with and to assign specific permissions to these users or teams. To select a certain user or team, click on the [Add User/Team]-button on the left side of the share PowerSearch Config.


Figure 3: Share PowerSearch Config

In the so opened Look Up Records-dialog, look for a user or a team you want to share your PowerSearch Configuration with. Once you have found a good match, mark it. Then click on the [Select]-button and it will show up in the Selected records list. Click on the [Add]-button in order to proceed.


Figure 4: Look up records window select user or team

Step 3: Assign permissions to selected users

Last but not least, you have to decide which permissions the selected users should get. You can select between the following possibilities:


To assign a permission for a certain action, simply check the checkbox that is related to the action and click on the [Share]-button. 

Figure 5: Select permissions for users

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