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[Save as DOCX]-button

This  feature offers you the option to save a document directly to the proper location in CRM without having to generate an activity. 
The location depends on the configuration, which is defined within the DocumentsCorePack server configuration tool.

To take adavantage of this new feature you need at least the following version:

 - DocumentsCorePack Client for MS CRM 2011 5.73


The Save document-feature is an additional button in the (see Figure 1).

The button enables you to save a merged document to a specific location without having to generate an activity.

The document can be saved in various formats, directly form the drop down menu. The button itself saves the document as a Microsoft Office Word Open XML document (docx).
Document types that are supported by Word, but are not listed in the menu can be selected with the Save as...-option.

Figure 1: with [Save as DOCX]-button

DocumentsCorePack template properties like DocumentName, CreateActivitiesFor and Save-To subfolder(s) affect the location and the name of the document when using this feature.

Please note: Directly after the merge, the document might only have a generic name (e.g. Result1223473.docx). The DocumentName property will be applied as soon as you use the [Save as DOCX]-button.

If no DocumentName poperty is set,  the name that is displayed in the header in Word (e.g Document1, Result1223473.docx) will be used in the save document location.



If you to enable/disable this feature, you may change your DocumentsCorePack Settings.

To access to the settings dialog, open Word and navigate to the > DocumentsCorePack Settings > General.

In the so opened settings, you may configure the [Save Document]-button by checking/unchecking the checkbox next to

'Save Document' - Button visible

Figure 2: DocumentsCorePack Settings


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