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How to synchronize TelephoneIntegration history with actual phonecalls


This article explains the steps required to synchronize the actual call duration as recorded in the TelephoneIntegration history with actual phone calls in CRM.


This will only work for phone calls, that are created with the always store option enabled in the CTI clients options.


You will need to create a workflow and to trigger the required plugin. You can import the attached workflow to your CRM. (4.76 kb)

Or you can create a new workflow as follows:

Start with creating a new workflow and attach it to the entity CTI CALL History.

Figure 1: Create new workflow

On the next page make sure, the start when-option is set to Record is created.

Add a new step of the type Wait Condition.

Figure 2: Specify the conditions of the process


Make sure all values are set as above BEFORE selecting the Created On-attribute (highlighted in gray).

The timeout suggested with 2 hours should be adapted to your needs. If your processing time for a phonecall is exceeding two hours, you should increase this timeout to a more appropriate value.

Figure 3: Process Information window


Your workflow is now containing a wait condition. You will have to add another step to update the record and trigger the workflow now.

Click on the highlighted row and add an Update Record-step.

Figure 4: Add record


Click on the [Save and Close]-button, then activate the workflow. The duration will be synced to the phonecalls after the set period of timeout.

Please note: The timeout must be sufficiently long to ensure the users are no longer editing the record, as the users saving the record would overwrite the duration again, if the sync has already taken place.

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