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The "Insert as Document"-button in Open Office XML template (.docx)

This article outlines how to use the “Insert as Document”-functionality within the “Insert”-button in Open Office XML templates (.docx). This feature allows you to insert a document that is stored as a note in your CRM system.

Requirements: Available for DocumentsCorePack v5.97 and higher. 


Figure 1: Insert as document - before the merge

Figure 2: Insert as document - after the merge

Click here to read more about the functionalities of the “Insert”-button.

HOW TO: Add Document as a note to your record, step-by-step description

First select a document to be inserted dynamically into your template. Once selected add this as a note to your CRM-record. Save your changes and return to your DocumentsCorePack. Now you are able to insert the document anywhere in your template.

1 Step: Open your selected CRM-record

Figure 3: CRM-record in MS CRM 2011
2 Step: Go to Notes & Activities

Figure 4: Notes & Activities within your CRM 2011

3 Step: Click “Attach”

Figure 5: the attach-field within Notes and Activities

4 Step: Attach Document

Figure 6: Select a document and click Attach

Figure 7: Next click on Close
5 Step: The result

Figure 8: Attached DOCX file within your CRM
6 Step: Open DocumentsCorePack-Template

Return to your previous template in Word to insert the newly attached document. Now you can insert this document via the “Insert as Document” into your template. Click at “Insert MailMerge Fields” and wait until the Task Pane appears.

Figure 9: DocumentsCorePack Task Pane

7 Step: Resolve an additonal relationship to the Note entity
To access the annotation field in which you have previously inserted your document, you need to resolve an additional relationship to the Note entity. (For more information please read our DocumentsCorePack User Guide.)

Figure 10: Note Entity
Select the “Note”-field and proceed

8 Step: Click the Arrow next to the “Insert”-button
The following box appears (see screenshot below). Here you have the opportunity to chose one of several insert options, in our case we chose “Insert as Document”.

Figure 11: Inset as Document

9 Step: The Insert as Document Window
Once you click at “Insert as Document” following window appears:

Figure 12: Field properties

10 Step: Click “OK” to insert the selected field as document into your template

Figure 13: Insert as document - before the merge

Now you have to merge the template. For more information about “How to merge a document” please click here.

11 Step: The merged document
After the merge your document looks like in the next screenshot:

Figure 14: Insert as document - after the merge

Click here for detailed product information.

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