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The “Insert Remove Empty Lines”-button in Open Office XML template (.docx)

This article describes how to use the “Insert Remove Empty Lines”-function within the “Insert”-button in Open Office XML template (.docx). This feature allows you to insert dynamically “Remove Empty Lines” into your document. “Remove Empty Lines”-fields are a simple way to dynamically structure your document after a merge process. For example if you want to delete unnecessary lines between contacts and opportunities, just insert a “Remove Emtpy Lines”-field. This is very useful, if you e.g. insert sub documents or HTML-content.

Requirements: Available for v5.97 and higher 


Figure 1: Template before inserting remove empty lines

Figure 2: Template after inserting remove empty lines

Click here to read more about the functionalities of the “Insert”-button. 

HOW TO: “Insert Remove Empty Lines”, step-by-step description       

1) Step: Open DCP-Template
Open your template or create a new one. Click on the “Insert MailMerge Fields” to get to the DocumentsCorePack Task Pane. See screenshot below:

Figure 3: DocumentsCorePack Task Pane

2 Step: Chose from several Insert options

Now click on the arrow besides the insert button. This action will open the window you see in the screenshots below. In our case we chose “Insert Remove Empty Lines”.

Figure 4: [Insert]-button drop down menu 

Figure 5: Select Insert Static Item

Figure 6: Select Remove Empty Lines 

3 Step: Now “Insert Remove Empty Lines” into your document.


Figure 7: Insert Remove Empty lines (before the merge)

Figure 8: Insert Remove Empty lines (after the merge)

As a result every empty line is deleted and the document is structured in a proper way. See next screenshot:

Figure 9: The result

Visit our product page for detailed information. 

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