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The “Insert Computed-Field”-button in Open Office XML template (.docx)

This article outlines the new “Insert”-functionalities within the “Computed Items”-button in Open Office XML template (.docx). The “Insert Computed-Fields”-button allows you to make basic arithmetical operations with CRM-number-fields. Important: It is crucial that the CRM-fields contain a number!

Requirements: Available for DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM 2013, v6.10 and higher. All our addons come with a 14 days free trial! Please click here to download and test it!



Figure 1: Use the math functions of the Computed-Fields functionality and a possible result after the merge.


OVERVIEW: "Computed-Items"-button 

The new “Computered Items”-button contains following new functionalities:

  • The “Insert Advanced String-Field”-button: allows you to insert as many fields as you want in one single field. 
  • The “Insert Computed-Field”-button: allows you to make basic arithmetical operations with CRM-number-fields. 

Figure 2: Computed Items > Insert String/Computed field

As you can see in the screenshot above we have rearranged  the “Insert QR Code-Field”-button to be found under “Computed Items”.

Click here to read more about the other useful functionalties of the “Insert”-button.


The “Insert Computed-Fields”-button allows you to make basic arithmetical operations with CRM-number-fields. Important: It is crucial that the CRM-fields contain a number! There are already predefined CRM-number-fields. 

Figure 3: Predefined CRM number fields

Note: You can define other CRM-fields to be a number field. E.g: if you don’t need the “Middle Name”-field in the contact entity and rather prefere to type in any number, this field can also be inserted and calculated! In this case you will see next message box:

Figure 4: Message box - no number field

HOW TO: Use the “Insert Computed-Field”-button, step-by-step description

1. Open DocumentsCorePack Task Pane 
You can find the new function in the “DocumentsCorePack Task Pane”. To get there, please open an existing or create a new template. Got to the ""-tab, click on “Insert MailMerge Fields” in the toolbar and create a “Office Open XML (.docx)“-document by answering the question with [Yes]. See screenshot below:

Figure 5: Open DCP Task Pane

The “DocumentsCorePack Task Pane” appears.

Figure 6: DCP Task Pane

2. Choose the appropriate "Insert"-functionality 
Click on the [Insert] drop-down-button and choose the "Insert Advanced String"-functionality. See next screenshot: 

Figure 7: Insert Computed-Fields

3. Add/Subtract/Divide/Multiply CRM-number and money-fields 
In the next window you have the possibility to make basic arithmetical operations with CRM-number-fields by inserting add +, subtract –, divide / and multiply * number-fields with a double-click. You can also define a name for this field e.g. “Invoice Dec. 213”. If no name is typed in the default name “Computed Field” will be set.

Figure 8: Add/Subtract/Divide/Multiply CRM number and money fields

4. The result 
If the calculation can be performed you will see the result value in the merged document. 

Figure 9: Result 

If the calculation can not be evaluated you will see this result in your document. This might be the case if your calculation uses a string field that does not contain a number as a value. See next screenshot, click to enlarge:

Figure 10: Result - Error 

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