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Hello and welcome to our blog! What can we do for you? Are you looking for further technical information or step-by-step instructions to our products? Or would you like to read the latest news on mscrm-addons? Please feel free to browse our blog for detailed information and to share our posts!

How to repair DocumentsCorePack Client using the DCP Diagnostics Tool
This article outlines how to repair the DocumentsCorePack Client using the Diagnostics Tool

DateTime Field (Dynamics 365)
The DateTime option allows you to perform basic calculations with dates. You can add a certain amount of time to an existing date, or you can calculate the difference between two given dates. The following step by step description will show you how to insert a field of this type into your template.

DocumentsCorePack DateTime Field Syntax (Dynamics 365)
The DateTime Field option of DocumentsCorePack allows you to perform basic calculations on dates and times. This article describes the syntax that can be used for those calculations.

DocumentsCorePack Solution update Error - AutoMergeGlobalButton
This blog article outlines how to handle error messages during the update to the AutoMergeGlobalButton solution version 2017.38/2018.38 or higher.

Dynamics 365 Unified Interface limitations
This article describes missing functionalities of our add-ons in comparison of the Dynamics 365 default UI with the new Unified Interface.

How to merge a document and start an in-person signing process
This blog article outlines how to merge a document with Adobe Sign and start an in-person signing process. With the in-person signing, a host facilitates an Adobe Sign session. The host must be an Adobe Sign account holder and the signers are only required to be with the host in order to sign documents.

How to merge a document with Adobe Sign by e-mail
This blog article outlines how to merge a document with Adobe Sign by e-mail. In this example, we use a template which contains two signees. The document will be sent via e-mail to the two signees be signed. The result can look like in the figure below.

Adobe Sign for DocumentsCorePack
We are happy to announce that we offer the possibility to use Adobe Sign within DocumentsCorePack. Benefit from this combination and take the usability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to a whole new level.

AttachmentExtractor Online Scheme
This blog article outlines how the Cloud service structure for AttachmentExtractor works. AttachmentExtractor will retrieve documents from Dynamics 365 instance, move it to an alternative storage location and deliver it back to Dynamics 365 upon user request.

US team in Austria
Last week we had the pleasure to welcome our US team at our headquarter in Graz/Austria. There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet. - William Butler Yeats