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AttachmentExtractor Online Service Configuration
We have all been there. Working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) is really great, but sometimes, the data storage costs go through the roof. And yes, saving data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be cost-intensive. Consequently, we solved this problem by creating AttachmentExtractor.

AttachmentExtractor Revert Button in ActivityToolsPluginExtension
This article outlines how to use the retrieve once extracted .url files with the AttachmentExtractor [Revert]-Button.

SharePoint path limitation avoidance
SharePoint paths limits are hard coded. The maximum path length is 260 characters. If that limit is exceeded, you get the SharePoint error 414. This article outlines how to avoid this error.

AttachmentExtractor SharePoint attributes
SharePoint attributes deliver additional information on the file origin based on CRM metadata. This article outlines the purpose of the different attributes.

How to correct SharePoint paths exceeding the limitations (Advanced)
This article provides you with information on how to correct SharePoint paths exceeding the limitations. Please note, that this article is only considered to serve advanced Microsoft Dynamics users and only if you have received the SharePoint error 414 previously.

ActivityToolsPluginExtension solution for AttachmentExtractor
This article contains links to the ActivityToolsPluginExtension solution for AttachmentExtractor. Please select which Microsoft Dynamics application you use and download the corresponding solution.